Dalakian: "I am glad to enter the ring in the famous Forum arena and show the great boxing"



WBA European Champion Artem Dalakian (15-0, 11 KOs), who will compete in the ring for the world champion belt against Brian Viloria (38-5, 23 KOs) in Inglewood, USA, on the night of February 24-25. talked about the completion of preparations for the fight in the US, the rival and the arena "Forum" in the Luckypunch.net interview.

About training in the USA:
"We arrived here, the conditions are good, and we were given a good hotel. In the morning we train at the hotel, there is a gym where we can run, and in the evening we go to the boxing hall and beat the bags there. I'm already approaching weight. As for the form, I feel great."

About Brian Viloria:
"What I need, I know about him. I watched his fights, analyzed, I did not learn anything new. I don’t need it."

About the Forum arena:
"I know this arena, there used to be hockey. Then a promotional company bought it and now there is boxing. Golovkin boxed there, as well, as other top boxers. I am very glad that I will box there. I think that I will win the belt of the world champion on this arena"


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