Pro Boxing Show XVII – Yefimovych and Dalakian crashed their opponents.

20160514 t01The 17th Pro Boxing Show tournament was held under the auspices of the promotional company Union Boxing Promotion (UBP) in Kiev in the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena. In the evening of boxing in the main duels Alexander Egorov (16-1-1, 8 KOs), the talented boxer from Dnipropetrovsk Artem Dalakian (13-0, 9 KOs) and the experienced, tempered in battles Oleg Yefimovych (28-2, 15 KOs) came to the ring.

In the stands of the tournament, it was impossible not to notice such creams of Ukrainian boxing as Victor Postol, Vyacheslav Senchenko, Mikhail Zavyalov and Alina Shaternikova.

The first 12 round bout was between Alexander Egorov and Andrey Isaev (29-7, 9 Kos). The spectators of this fight strongly supported the Ukrainian boxer for all 12 rounds in the hope that Egorov will knock down an opponent, but it did not happen. A very strong contest observed in the ring between two rivals, but Ukrainian boxer had an advantage. Guest from Belorus was more active in the first round, but after the second three-minute Donetsk resident took an advantage. During the fight, Egorov could not reel his opponents with his blows. Isaev had an interesting look at the end of the bout; nevertheless, he failed to “crush” his opponent. The result is the Ukrainian victory according to the score paper: 116-112, 116-112 and 117-111.

20160514 t02In the second meaningful fight of the boxing evening in the Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Centre Arena came to the ring UBP’s most talented boxer Artem Dalakian. Ukrainian’s opponent was experienced Romanian of Armenian origin Silvio Olteanu (16-10-1, 7 KOs). In this bout, Dalakian defended the WBA continental title in the flyweight category (51 kg).

It should be noticed, that Romanian boxer appeared to be a hard nut to crack. Initially taller Dalakian easily held his counterpart at a long-range and was striking from time to time. From the second round, the Ukrainian boxer began to deal more powerful strikes and everyone began to notice that Olteanu goes "on the razor's edge." In the fourth round Dalakian has missed stop blow during his attack, but two eyebrow cuts obtained by Olteanu played a more important role later. In the sixth round, Silvio had an eyebrow cut opened and Dalakian went to finish his opponent. In the eighth round doctor has stopped the fight because of the two cuts above the right eye of the Romanian. Dalakian won the thirteenth victory and this victory is ahead of time.

20160514 t03 2In the main bout of the boxing evening spectators saw legendary UBP boxer Oleg Yefimovych. Ukrainian’s opponent was another one Romanian Eugen Sorin Tanasie (19-1-1, 9 KOs). In this fight, Oleg defended the WBA continental featherweight champion title (57 kg).

Yefimovych has shown a real class and level peculiar to Ukrainian champion. At the end of the second round, Tanasie knelt down after a blow to the body, and was saved only by a gong. In the third round, Yefimovych continued to attack his opponent, and after another blow to the liver Romanian sprawled on a ring and could not continue the fight.



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