We are not looking for easy ways

Юрий Рубан Леннокс Льюис на пресс-конференции Union Boxing PromotionIn this short but capacious phrase is the meaning of every boxing tournament, which was held under the initiative of the promotion company «Union Boxing Promotion». At a press conference on Saturday's «Pro Boxing Show XIV», the president of the company Yuri Ruban noted that with each level of tournament the duels are harder and the opponents are stronger.

"On the eve of Independence Day, the company will present next boxing project. We are trying not look for easy fights in order to increase our athletes experience. On the other hand there are boxers who came to this tournament from 6 different countries, and they are seriously motivated.
They have chances to take away titles from our boys, therefore, I think, there will be no easy duels", - told the president of UBP Yury Ruban.

Among the honorary guests of the event in the media center of the stadium "Donbass Arena" was present a special guest of the show, the absolute ex-heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. The mayor of Donetsk Alexander Lukyanchenko and general manager of the Donbass Arena Alexander Atamanenko attended the press conference.

In the welcome speech, the mayor noted that thanks to the highest professionalism, business qualities and huge love to boxing of the management of the Union Boxing Promotion company the numerous audience of boxing fans will be able to feel all heat of fights, sports talent of boxers and world level of preparation to this tournament. On behalf of the citizens and all the boxing fans, Alexander Lukyanchenko presented Lennox Lewis passport of Donetsk and wished to all present a spectacular fights.

In turn, General Director of Donbass Arena stadium handed to Lennox a nominal company shirt of football club "Shakhtar".
«There are a lot of winners in this world, but Mr. Lewis is a legend! Despite the fact that FC "Shakhtar" and our honorary guest representing different kinds of sports, they have one goal - to win all, everywhere and always.», - summed up the general director of "Donbass Arena" Alexander Atamanenko.

Expectedly, almost all representatives of the media asked Lennox Lewis their questions. The guest in return was moderately serious and nontrivial in his answers. At the first meeting with reporters on his arrival in Donetsk Lennox pointed out that he is actively involved in charity and helping the younger generation. So, the champion has answered a question about the possible charitable help to the Donetsk children that it would be quite good to organize children's chess team here.

«Seriously, I want to make room for young people, I sincerely believe in the younger generation. This is one of the reasons for my reluctance to return to boxing. My son is nine years old, he also wants to be a boxer, and I will be glad to be his coach», - said Lennox, answering journalists' questions.

After talking with the press followed the procedure of the official weighing of boxers.


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