«Pro Boxing Show XIV». All titles remain in Donetsk

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One more event in the series «Pro Boxing Show XIV» is in a history. August 24 the stadium “Donbass Arena” received true fans of professional boxing, honored guests and inhabitants of this region. The management of the «Union Boxing Promotion» company, represented by the honorary president Gennady Uzbek, President Yuri Ruban and Vice-president Dmitry Eliseev presented to the city and to the interested people a spectacular show. That evening boxers of «Union Boxing Promotion» defended 4 belts and won another one.

Stanislav Kashtanov defended the title WBA world interim champion in the main bout of the evening. From the beginning of the bout, it became clear, that Costa Rican Jamie Barbosa, Stanislav’s opponent, has learned Ukrainian’s style reasonably good. Latin American moved sufficient well and it allowed him to avoid the champion’s powerful shots. Towards the end of twelfth round, when Jaime had nothing to load his guns, Stanislav’s advantage was unconditional. Consequently, after regular shattering attack, contender dropped on his knees and couldn’t continue the fight in the tenth round. Lennox Lewis, an honored guest of this show and absolute world heavyweight ex-champion was invited to the ring to reward the UBP boxer with the belt.

Vyacheslav Senchenko and Carlos Adan Jeres (Argentina) presented another, but not less important and spectacular fight to the audience. Looking at the Vyacheslav’s opponent records, no one would dare to talk about an easy fight. After the first two rounds, that leaded each and everybody to be nervous, the four-time world ex-champion possessed an advantage and held effective attacks one by one. The denouement of the fight took place at the fourth round. Vyacheslav sent the Argentinian on the platform of the ring with an accurate backhand.

Regular beautiful victory in the «Pro Boxing Show XIV» belongs to the UBP boxer Oleg Yefimovich. He defended his WBA intercontinental champion title in a fight against a boxer Luis Armando Juarez from Argentina. Oleg’s opponent couldn’t even resist to the end of the first round. At the beginning of the last minute of the fight, the favorite of Donetsk public knocked out his opponent.

Budding stars of «Union Boxing Promotion» presented to the public of “Donbass Arena” bright and spectacular fights. Alexandr Grishchuk (WBA intercontinental champion) and Artem Dalakian (WBA intercontinental champion) defended their belts.

Artem Karpets, the UBP boxer celebrated his victory in fight for the vacant title of the WBA continental champion. It is interesting to note that the three boxers did not leave any chance to their opponents, moreover, it had an effect on the verdict of the judges. The verdict was unanimous.

Another representative of UBP Alexandr Yegorov in the ranked match brought to nothing actions of his opponent Diego Sananco from Argentina.

The fight between Ismayl Sillah and Konstantin Piternov from Russia brightened up the evening of boxing. Spectacular entrance of both boxers brought joy to audience and added staginess to the event. This fight ended in advance and in the sixth round Ismail won by technical knockout.

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