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He was called "engineer" Mendoza. Great organizer and innovator, sensitive and attentive to everything that was happening in the world of professional boxing. Gilberto Mendoza, as a great reformer in boxing, was always striving for equitable development of boxing on all continents, in all the regions of our planet. He, more than anyone else, paid great attention to the development and establishment of professional boxing in the Eastern Europe and strongly supported any contacts and communications with boxing promotion companies in Ukraine.   





Long years of cooperation and friendship tied Gilberto Mendoza with the promotional company from Donetsk «Union Boxing Promotion» and the crowning of this was the holding of the 90th convention of the WBA in Donetsk in the autumn of 2011.

About his impressions and how to work in Donetsk with more than two hundred delegates during the Convention of the 67-nation, has told WBA President Gilberto Mendoza.


- Our stay in Donetsk was just fantastic! We met many beautiful, friendly and sociable people. They respect not only themselves but others as well. All participants, including those who have extensive experience with the WBA, say that stay in Ukraine was very enjoyable. When I arrived to Donetsk airport, reporters immediately asked me, "Why are you here?" The answer was immediate: "I came to visit my friend Yuri Ruban."
First of all, I want to thank «Union Boxing Promotion» and its leader for such a warm welcome and for his reverent attitude to boxing. I always entertain a high esteem for such people. I did not notice anything similar among the numerous promoters of the world, with whom I met. I am surprised by the fact that there is such a stadium in Donetsk, which greatly impressed me. I am sure that "Donbass Arena" can serve not only for football matches, but for many champion matches on boxing as well. I am sure that here will be held competitions and events that are important in the life of the city and of the entire country.


Портрет МендозаAt the opening of the convention, Gilberto Mendoza was presented with his portrait written by the Donetsk artist Darya Slepchenko, the granddaughter of the boxing coach Victor Slepchenko, famous in the past.

And who could have thought that this picture of the president will personify Mendoza, accompanying him on his last journey, and in the church and at funerals, and during memorial evening.



Перчатки Union Boxing Promotion WBAOver many years of cooperation with the President of the WBA Gilberto Mendoza promotional company «Union Boxing Promotion» succeeded to organize and carry out more than 40 title fights, in which boxers won and defended the 35 WBA titles, including four WBA World Champion titles (Vyacheslav Senchenko) and two WBA interim titles of World Champion.


The Great president died, but his work lives and multiplies in the person of his son, the current WBA president Gilberto Mendoza Jr.




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