Rest in peace, Mr. Mendoza

Gilberto MendozaAt the age of 72 years, after a long illness passed away the WBA Honorary President Gilberto Mendoza.

"Engineer" Mendoza was one of the most important representatives of the boxing world, a reformer and a great teacher.

"Our main goal - to do everything to continue the rapid development of boxing. Also we want to show to the public that our sport leads to the improvement of many qualities of the person and brings up him as a person, — said Gilberto Mendoza.— Most important - the development of boxing among youth. ».

Gilberto Mendoza was elected president of the WBA in 1982 at the WBA Convention in San Juan (Puerto Rico). For thirty-three years he ran one of the most significant world boxing organizations.

Gilberto Mendoza brought to life many innovative directions in the WBA, the most significant of which was decentralization through the creation of the regional organizations: Latin American Boxing Federation (Fedelatin), Pan-Asian Boxing Association (PABA), the Bolivarian Boxing Federation (FEDEBOL), the Central American Boxing Federation (FEDECENTRO), North American Boxing Association (NABA ).

It might seem that the controversial champion vacancies "Super" and "Interim" is an opportunity to develop a regional boxing and attract less famous boxers, claimed Mendoza. Boxing is an alternative of use of drugs - one more of the areas of the Gilberto Mendoza’s work.

In December 2015 on the 94th WBA convention in Panama mister Mendoza was elected Honorary President of the WBA, and left his post to his son - Gilberto Mendoza Jr..

Gilberto Mendoza paid much attention to the development professional boxing in Ukraine and boxing promoting companies. It was no coincidence that the 90th convention of the WBA was held in Ukraine in Donetsk.

Our souls are singing Amazing Grace. The great President died.


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