Eliseev’s Athletic Club

2015-08-19The "Eliseev’s Athletic Club " – one of the most successful sports organizations in Ukraine. The club was established on 19 August 1998, the athletes from four cities – Donetsk, Mariupol’, Makeyevka and Druzhkovka – are united under its flag. Ideological inspirers and founders of the club were Gennadiy Uzbek, Yury Ruban and the person whose name the Club bears till present day, - Dmitry Eliseev.


While the club exists it has turned into a pan-Ukrainian sports organization from a local sports society. Achievements of the "Eliseev’s Club " are dazzling. Thus, the club won the prestigious Championship of North-West Boxing League NWEBL, in which the boxing organizations from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine were presented. A real millstone for the "Eliseev’s Club " was the year 2002 during which the victory in the Ukrainian club championship was got.


It is known that the Olympic principle states that the main idea is not to win but to participate, but nevertheless for any athlete the result comes first. The results of boxers–educatees of the “Eliseev’s Club”, "speak for themselves. Over the years, champions of Europe and world became Eugene Kibalyuk Oleg Yefimovich, Ismail Sylla, David Tabatadze, Nikolay Butsenko. The right to represent Ukraine at the Olympic Games was the aim of both Vyacheslav Senchenko and Vladimir Kravets.


From amateur boxers the “Eliseev’s Club” brought up the professional boxers. Vyacheslav Senchenko (four-time WBA world champion, multiple winner of continental and intercontinental titles), Oleg Yefimovich (six-time European champion according to the version of EBU, a multiple winner of continental and intercontinental titles), Stanislav Merdov, Vladimir Kravets – multiple winners of the title fights according to WBA, WBO and EBU. Artyom Dallakyan, Alexander Egorov, Andrei Kudryavtsev, and many other members of the Eliseev’s sports club made progress in the professional boxing.


During 17 years of the Eliseev’s sports club existence hundreds of boys have passed the school of boxing and many of them have grown into a mature boxers successfully performing, both at the national and global level.

Eliseev Dmitry – The president of the sports club.
Ruban Yury – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Uzbek Gennady - Honorable President.



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