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The promotion company «Union Boxing Promotion» (hereinafter UBP) was established in Donetsk in November 2002.

Donetsk boxing "Union", uniting under the wing the best boxers of Ukraine and the people who are professionals in their field, managed to grow from a small regional Boxing Organization to the powerful sports structure of the world level. The main merit for such a wonderful transformation belongs to Yuriy Ruban, who hasn't just raised and set his brainchild to his feet, but also turned the Donetsk Company into a leading player on the world boxing scene. Due to the great victories of the representatives of «Union Boxing Promotion» Miner's capital began to shine brightly on the boxing map, taking the prominent place on it, the significance of which is regularly confirmed by the conducting of the professional tournaments of the highest level.

Boxing is distinguished in two ways - as amateur and professional boxing, the latter in its turn can also be different, and despite the name, many people are engaged in it on the fan level, but achieving the main heights in this sport can only be possible if you approach it with a professional standpoint. At the turn of the millennium an enthusiastic group of people who have dedicated their lives to boxing, came up with the brilliant idea of creating a promotional company in their own town. An idea of making Donetsk one of the European centers of professional boxing never left the local patrons and, in the end, found its embodiment in the company «Union Boxing Promotion», which is headed by the well-known in sporting circles people - YuriyRuban (President), Gennady Uzbek (Honorary President) Dmitry Eliseev (General Manager). Once having started its way from the edge of mounds, they managed to strike, having won many sports heights in different parts of the world. The company headed by Yuri Ruban has achieved a truly outstanding success - unprecedented even for experienced promoters. As a confirmation of this comes European and world rank of the highest standard in the bank of the «Union Boxing Promotion», as well as numerous awards and titles of Yuri Ruban as the best promoter of the continent and the world. All this could have never happened but for the coordinated work of the entire team of the «Union Boxing Promotion», where all people work in the same spirit and move towards a common goal, like one big family.


The historical path made by the company can be traced by the numerous gifts and prizes from the boxing society, and taking into account the importance and value of these awards we can assume a triumphal procession on the Profiboxing roads still awaiting «Union Boxing Promotion» in the future:

In 2004, the achievements of the Donetsk boxing "Union" were highly appreciated by the President of IBF Mrs. Marian Muhammad (USA), who officially announced the award of "Union Boxing Promotion" for the most active promotional activity in Europe in 2004, and the president of the company Yury Ruban was recognized as the best European promoter according to IBF. The celebration ceremony took place in the Mexican capital during the annual IBF convention. Moreover, the executive committee of board of directors and the president of IBF in Europe Benedetto Montella (Italy) confirmed the fact of the introduction of "Union Boxing Promotion" as the full-fledged member in the International boxing Federation for the next season, thereby the Donetsk company became the only domestic promotion organization as a part of IBF for 2005..


Following the results of 2005 Donetsk boxing "Union" confirmed the status of the leading promotion company of the Old World according to the management of IBF in Europe, and Yury Ruban, as it was noted in the official magazine IBF "Gold Pages", became the best European promoter of the year again. Also on the congress of the European office of the International boxing Federation which took place on September 29 on the island of Sicily, as the brightest fight of year was recognized the duel between Andrey Kudryavtsev and Pedro Miranda, and the award of the best boxer of year was received by Vyacheslav Senchenko.



In November, 2007 on the annual convention of the World boxing Council which was held in the capital of Philippines Manila, the Donetsk company allured looks of boxing beau monde, and received two honorary titles at once: the nomination "the best promoter of the year of WBC (Youth)" was won by the president of "Union Boxing Promotion" Yury Ruban, and the second award was Stas Kashtanov's recognition as the best young boxer of the world according to WBC. Also the president of WBC José Sulaimán (Mexico) and the chairman of the youth commission Rex Walker (USA) handed in a unique belt of the world champion among the youth to the management of the company, as a sign of respect to the achievements of the Donetsk junior who was in time to become the five-time owner of an original award.


The successful start of "Union Boxing Promotion" in 2008 supported by former merits in the boxing field never remained unnoticed in Europe. Within the 60th General Assembly anniversary of the European boxing Union taking place from May 22 to May 25 in the town of Budva (Montenegro), the president of EBU Bob Lozhist (Belgium) and the general secretary Enza Dzhakoponi (Italy) handed in to the Donetsk company, in the person of her president Yury Ruban, the memorable plate as the best promotion structure of last sports year on the continent.


- Together with arrival of summer of 2009 pleasant news from the South of Europe came to the shine of the Donetsk company: for the 2nd time in a row Yury Ruban was recognized as the best promoter of the continent for the organization of the greatest number of duels according to EE-EU EBU. Presentation of the honorary diploma to the President of "Union Boxing Promotion" was held at the annual Congress of the EBU, which took place in the town of Alghero in Sardinia (Italy) early in June.


In late 2009 the President of the National League of Professional Boxing Ukraine Mikhail Zavyalov handed in to the leadership of «Union Boxing Promotion», as to the best national promotional organization of the outgoing year, a memorable gift - a crystal glove.


Yuri Ruban was also awarded with a badge of honour as the best promoter of 2009 for the organization of Ukraine's first World boxing Championship, carrying out world-class international competitions and significant contribution to the development and promotion of this kind of sport.


Yuri Ruban - the best promoter of the decade

September 1st, 2010 the coordinator of the World Boxing Association in Europe and a member of the rating committee of the World Bartolome Torralba from Spain on the day of the anniversary of the president of the company «Union Boxing Promotion» Yuri Ruban presented him a special award "Silver Eagle of the European Boxing Association." Yuri was recognized as the best promoter of the decade.


- From October 31 to November 6 of 2010 the Mexican city of Cancun hosted the annual 48 convention of the World Boxing Council (WBC), which was attended by 850 people.

Among those present at the Convention were such promoters as Don King (Don King Promotion), Gary Shaw (Top Rank), Eric Gomez (Golden Boy Promotions), Tom Loeffler (K2 Promotions), Dietmar Pozva (Universum), Yuri Ruban (Union Boxing Promotion) and others.

Among current and former WBC champions Evander Holyfield, Erik Morales, Devon Alexander, Miguel Cotto, and Sebastian Zbik were present in the hall.

The Ukrainian delegation included the president of the company Union Boxing Promotion Yuri Ruban, general manager of the Union Boxing Promotion Dmitriy Eliseev, President of the National League of Professional Boxing Ukraine Mikhail Zavyalov and vice-president of the National League of Professional Boxing Ukraine Alina Shaternikova.


WBC Executive Committee appreciated the work of the Ukrainian promotional company Union Boxing Promotion in the development of the world boxing, and the vice-president of WBC Rex Valker handed over to her president Yury Ruban a well-deserved reward. The boxer of the Union Boxing Promotion Iago Kiladze was marked out as the best boxer of the World boxing Council among youth .


Management of the Union Boxing Promotion has conducted number of negotiations with the leaders of the world professional boxing and defined prospects and strategy for the development of Donetsk company for the future.


From 22 to 27 November 2010 in the capital of Nicaragua - Managua took place the 89th Convention of the World Boxing Association (WBA). The Convention was attended by a delegation from Ukraine - the company «Union Boxing Promotion», headed by its president Yuri Ruban, the delegation also included the General Manager UBP Dmitry Yeliseyev and the current WBA welterweight world champion Vyacheslav Senchenko. Together with a team of the UBP the Secretary of the Donetsk City Council Nikolai Levchenko visited Nicaragua, delivered on behalf of the Mayor of the miner's capital Alexander Lukyanchenko Honorary sign of the city of Donetsk to the WBA President Gilberto Mendoza for an outstanding contribution to the development of boxing.

At the ceremony of delivery of awards in the nomination "The Best Boxer of Europe" of WBA Vyacheslav Senchenko received honour. The crystal statuette was handed in to the best boxer of the Old World by Mr. Gilberto Mendosa (Venezuela). Thus, the Ukrainian champion appeared in the eminent company of other nominees.


January 14, 2011 in the Donetsk Regional Academic Music and Drama Theatre was held the ceremony of honouring all those who made the greatest contribution to the development of the city of Donetsk in 2010 in all the spheres: sports, art, science, economics, social life.


Victory in the category "Sports" in the nomination "Athletic Club" was won by the company "Union Boxing Promotion". The main award of the contest "Donetsk-Image 2010" - "Forged Rose" was presented to Yuri Ruban.


The mark of distinction was handed in to the president of the Donetsk boxing "Union" by the Chairman of Standing Committee on Youth Policy, Physical Culture and Sports of the Donetsk regional council Vasily Bubka.


April 20, 2011 in Kiev, the Ukrainian Professional boxing celebrated its 20th anniversary!


President of the Donetsk company Yuri Ruban received a special award of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports." The general manager of UBP Dmitry Yeliseyev received a similar rank. The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports marked the WBA world welterweight champion Vyacheslav Senchenko and Intercontinental, WBA featherweight champion Oleg Yefimovich with honorary awards. The winners of the special awards from the National League of Professional Boxing in Ukraine became: Stas Kashtanov, Andrei Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Kravets, Stanislav Merdov, Server Emurlaev, Iago Kiladze. The UBP coach Igor Gapon was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the Ukrainian professional boxing League – in gratitude "for the preparation of a world-class masters and supporting the glorious traditions of boxing." In addition, an honorary badge of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports was received by a judge of the highest category Andrew Balyasov (Khartsyzsk).


November 8 the 90th WBA International Convention jubilee solemn evening took place. It was dedicated to the awarding of prizes to the outstanding representatives of the World Boxing Association for contribution to the development and promotion of the professional boxing in the world in 2011. The award for the development of the professional boxing in Ukraine received the leadership of Union Boxing Promotion: honorary president Gennadiy Uzbek, president Yuri Ruban, general manager Dmitriy Yeliseyev, leading boxers, sponsors and partners.


Management of the Donetsk region awarded the best representatives of the sports elite of Donbass

February 10, 2012 the best representatives of the sports elite of the Donetsk region took part in a solemn meeting of the Chairman of Donetsk Regional State Administration Andriy Shishatskiy and deputy chairman of the Donetsk Regional Council Igor Koval together with the most active sports members. The guests of the meeting were President of the National Olympic Committee Serhiy Bubka, and Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukyanchenko.

Among the participants of the meeting there were athletes who attained the best results in 2011, among which there was also a four-time world boxing champion according to WBA Vyacheslav Senchenko, who was awarded by the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Andriy Shishatskiy and Hero of Ukraine, President of the National Olympic Committee Serhiy Bubka with the diplomas for outstanding contribution to the development of sport in Donetsk region.


Вячеслав Сенченко победил Рикки Хаттона24.11.2012 Briton Ricky Hatton, who returned to boxing after more than three years after the end of a career, lost to the Ukrainian representative of "Union Boxing Promotion" Vyacheslav Senchenko.





10-летний юбилей компании Union Boxing Promotion21.12.2012 Donetsk promotion company «Union Boxing Promotion» celebrated its tenth anniversary. This period was enough to declare themselves loudly in the world of professional boxing and to bring the level of Ukrainian boxing to a new stage.

During its existence the company has won many World and European titles, a rich collection of championship belts, and the names of most of the boxers from the Donetsk Promotion Company became known worldwide.

During the jubilee evening Vyacheslav Senchenko was awarded with the title "Honoured Master of Sports", and Donetsk coach Igor Gapon and Vladimir Kalinichenko – received the titles of "Honored coach of Ukraine."



WBA World title 5
EBU (European) title 6
WBC World Youth title 6
WBC Youth Intercontinental title 3
WBA Inter-Continental Title 16
WBA Continental Title 15
WBA Inter-National Title 6
EBU-EE (European External European Union) Title 18
IBF Inter-Continental Title 11
IBF Inter-National Title 3
Ukrainian Title 6
WBO Asia Pacific Title 3
WBO Inter-Continental Title 6
СНД і слав'янских стран за версією WBC 7
Центральної Європи та Азії за версією WBF 1
International Boxing Council title 2
EBA title 5
UBO World Title 3
interim WBA World title 2
Total 124