Representatives of the "Union Boxing Promotion" defended their titles

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On November 6th in Kiev a big boxing evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2016" took place. The show was organized by the promotional company "Union Boxing Promotion". During this event, Ukrainian boxers defended three WBA Continental belts.


Alexander Egorov got a victory over the Spaniard - David Sanchez (up to 55.3 kg). In the bright bout, which was held 12 rounds, the judges unanimously gave the victory to Ukrainian boxer - 118: 110, 118: 110, 117: 111.


Experienced Oleg Yefimovich, with the support of his fans, also managed to retain WBA Continental Title in a duel against the Czechs Martin Parlagi (category 57.2 kg). At the end of the bout referees opinions divided - 115-113, 112-116, 114: 114. Thus a draw in a match – Oleg Yefimovich remained the owner of the WBA Continental belt.


In the final event of the evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2016" Ukrainian Artem Dalakian in the third round knocked out Hungarian Jozsef Ajtai (category 50.8 kg). Thus, representatives of "Union Boxing Promotion" were able to defend their belts and gave a spectacular feast of boxing to their fans.


In the rating matches the following results have been recorded:
In a duel between Serhii Matviichuk and Kostiantyn Reutov (category 76.2 kg), the judge could not reveal the strongest, so the result was a draw. Ihor Mahurin scored a TKO over pro-debutant Rustam Pashchaiev. In the 69,9 kg category Bogdan Onyshchenko defeated experienced Mykola Korenev in a 6-round bout. The bout between Yurii Nazarets and Igor Kudrytskiy ended with the Igor’s victory. In an 8-round bout in the 50,8 kg category the judges gave the victory to Alexander Hryshchuk, who came out to the ring against Serhii Sarancha.
According to the judges decision, Ukrainian boxer Andriy Rudenko was recognized a winner in the 8-round bout against Georgia representative Tornike Purichamiashvili


Let us remind, that boxing evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2016" was organized by the promotional company "Union Boxing Promotion" with the assistance of the Ukranian League of professional boxing.


The names of the UBP boxers opponents have been announced

2016 10 11 dalakyan 01The names of the UBP boxers opponents have been announced.

On November 6th in the metropolitan Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena Union Boxing Promotion will hold another boxing evening under the aegis of the Ukrainian boxing federation. As a part of the boxing show, viewers will become witnesses of a number of bright rating fights and three championship fights with WBA continental belts at stake.


2016 10 11 sanchez ehoThe first defense of the championship belt will hold Alexander Egorov (16-1-1, 8 KO's) against a 32-year-old representative of Spain - David Sanchez.

On a pro ring Sanchez had 17 fights, scored 12 victories, seven of them are inside distance victories.







2016 10 11 parlagi efiAlso, viewers will become witnesses of a duel of the most titled UBP fighter - Oleg Yefimovich (28-2-0, 15 KO's). The skilled boxer from the Czech Republic - Martin Parlagi will become Oleg's rival. On a professional ring the 28-year-old Czech has carried out 22 duels in which he has 20 victories, eleven of them are inside distance victories. During this time he became the Champion of the Czech Republic among the professionals and won the UBO championship belt. Also, Martin has very bright amateur career. On an amateur ring Parlagi carried out 220 duels and was the leader of the National team of the Czech Republic.



2016 10 11 aitai dal In the main event of the evening defense of WBA Continental champion belt will hold «UBP» Company boxer Artem Dalakian (13-0, 9KO) against Hungarian Jozsef Ajtai. In the asset of the boxer from Hungary 22 bouts, 18 wins, 11 of them - inside the distance. This year, Jozsef Ajtai also took part in the championship bout against two-time Olympic champion Zou Shiming. Unfortunately, Jozsef lost according to the judges’ unanimous decision.

Also in the program of the boxing evening we will see exciting rating fights with Alexander Hryshchuk, Igor Mahurin, Bogdan Onyshchenko, Igor Kudrytskiy and others.

The tournament will take place in the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena, 16a Parkova road, Kyiv.

Online broadcast will be conducted by XSport TV channel. Beginning: November 6th at 19:00.


Pro Boxing Show XVII – Yefimovych and Dalakian crashed their opponents.

20160514 t01The 17th Pro Boxing Show tournament was held under the auspices of the promotional company Union Boxing Promotion (UBP) in Kiev in the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena. In the evening of boxing in the main duels Alexander Egorov (16-1-1, 8 KOs), the talented boxer from Dnipropetrovsk Artem Dalakian (13-0, 9 KOs) and the experienced, tempered in battles Oleg Yefimovych (28-2, 15 KOs) came to the ring.

In the stands of the tournament, it was impossible not to notice such creams of Ukrainian boxing as Victor Postol, Vyacheslav Senchenko, Mikhail Zavyalov and Alina Shaternikova.

The first 12 round bout was between Alexander Egorov and Andrey Isaev (29-7, 9 Kos). The spectators of this fight strongly supported the Ukrainian boxer for all 12 rounds in the hope that Egorov will knock down an opponent, but it did not happen. A very strong contest observed in the ring between two rivals, but Ukrainian boxer had an advantage. Guest from Belorus was more active in the first round, but after the second three-minute Donetsk resident took an advantage. During the fight, Egorov could not reel his opponents with his blows. Isaev had an interesting look at the end of the bout; nevertheless, he failed to “crush” his opponent. The result is the Ukrainian victory according to the score paper: 116-112, 116-112 and 117-111.

20160514 t02In the second meaningful fight of the boxing evening in the Parkovy Convention and Exhibition Centre Arena came to the ring UBP’s most talented boxer Artem Dalakian. Ukrainian’s opponent was experienced Romanian of Armenian origin Silvio Olteanu (16-10-1, 7 KOs). In this bout, Dalakian defended the WBA continental title in the flyweight category (51 kg).

It should be noticed, that Romanian boxer appeared to be a hard nut to crack. Initially taller Dalakian easily held his counterpart at a long-range and was striking from time to time. From the second round, the Ukrainian boxer began to deal more powerful strikes and everyone began to notice that Olteanu goes "on the razor's edge." In the fourth round Dalakian has missed stop blow during his attack, but two eyebrow cuts obtained by Olteanu played a more important role later. In the sixth round, Silvio had an eyebrow cut opened and Dalakian went to finish his opponent. In the eighth round doctor has stopped the fight because of the two cuts above the right eye of the Romanian. Dalakian won the thirteenth victory and this victory is ahead of time.

20160514 t03 2In the main bout of the boxing evening spectators saw legendary UBP boxer Oleg Yefimovych. Ukrainian’s opponent was another one Romanian Eugen Sorin Tanasie (19-1-1, 9 KOs). In this fight, Oleg defended the WBA continental featherweight champion title (57 kg).

Yefimovych has shown a real class and level peculiar to Ukrainian champion. At the end of the second round, Tanasie knelt down after a blow to the body, and was saved only by a gong. In the third round, Yefimovych continued to attack his opponent, and after another blow to the liver Romanian sprawled on a ring and could not continue the fight.



Press conference before Pro Boxing Show 17 (photos)

Three fight for the WBA Continental Title

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On May 14th Promotional company Union Boxing Promotion will hold the next tournament in Kiev. The main event of the tournament will be bouts of Artem Dalakian (12-0, 8 KOs), Alexander Egorov (15-1-1, 8 KOs) and Oleg Yefimovych (27-2, 14 KOs).

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Dalakian’s opponent will be the former European champion in the weight category up to 50.8 kg of Romanian origin with a Spanish passport, the 38-year-old Silvio Olteanu (15-9-1, 6 KOs). At stake of the 12 round meeting will be the WBA continental title, which belongs to Dalakian.

Alexander Egorov will meet the skilled 35-year-old Belarusian Andrey Isaev (29-6, 9 KO) who had to carry out duels in Ukraine more than once, and from 2003 to 2006 even performed for the Ukrainian promotional organization. At stake of the fight will be the vacant WBA continental champion title in the weight category up to 55.3 kg.

Oleg Yefimovych will defend his WBA Continental featherweight champion title. His opponent will be 35-year-old Eugen Sorin Tanasie (19-1-1, 9 KO) from Romania.

Dmitry Fedas (7-0-1, 4 KOs), Bogdan Onyshchenko (1-0), Alexander Grischuk (13-0, 5 KOs), Igor Kudrytskiy (3-0, 2 KOs) and Igor Mahurin (2-0- 1), will take to the ring this evening. They will hold rating 6-round bouts.

The tournament will take place in the arena, that was opened in 2015, Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre, 16a Parkova road, Kyiv.


MendosaGilberto Mendoza!


He was called "engineer" Mendoza. Great organizer and innovator, sensitive and attentive to everything that was happening in the world of professional boxing. Gilberto Mendoza, as a great reformer in boxing, was always striving for equitable development of boxing on all continents, in all the regions of our planet. He, more than anyone else, paid great attention to the development and establishment of professional boxing in the Eastern Europe and strongly supported any contacts and communications with boxing promotion companies in Ukraine.   



Rest in peace, Mr. Mendoza

Gilberto MendozaAt the age of 72 years, after a long illness passed away the WBA Honorary President Gilberto Mendoza.

"Engineer" Mendoza was one of the most important representatives of the boxing world, a reformer and a great teacher.

"Our main goal - to do everything to continue the rapid development of boxing. Also we want to show to the public that our sport leads to the improvement of many qualities of the person and brings up him as a person, — said Gilberto Mendoza.— Most important - the development of boxing among youth. ».

Gilberto Mendoza was elected president of the WBA in 1982 at the WBA Convention in San Juan (Puerto Rico). For thirty-three years he ran one of the most significant world boxing organizations.

Gilberto Mendoza brought to life many innovative directions in the WBA, the most significant of which was decentralization through the creation of the regional organizations: Latin American Boxing Federation (Fedelatin), Pan-Asian Boxing Association (PABA), the Bolivarian Boxing Federation (FEDEBOL), the Central American Boxing Federation (FEDECENTRO), North American Boxing Association (NABA ).

It might seem that the controversial champion vacancies "Super" and "Interim" is an opportunity to develop a regional boxing and attract less famous boxers, claimed Mendoza. Boxing is an alternative of use of drugs - one more of the areas of the Gilberto Mendoza’s work.

In December 2015 on the 94th WBA convention in Panama mister Mendoza was elected Honorary President of the WBA, and left his post to his son - Gilberto Mendoza Jr..

Gilberto Mendoza paid much attention to the development professional boxing in Ukraine and boxing promoting companies. It was no coincidence that the 90th convention of the WBA was held in Ukraine in Donetsk.

Our souls are singing Amazing Grace. The great President died.


Pro Boxing Show XVI



Yefimovych, Dalakian and Egorov are winners

Олег ЕфимовичDecember 5, 2015, Ukraine, Kiev, Stereo Plaza
According to the judges’ unanimous decision Oleg Yefimovych (Ukraine, 27-2, 14 KOs) got a victory over European former champion Ruddy Encarnacion (Spain / Dominican Republic, 35-24-4, 17 KOs) and regained the (EBU) featherweight championship belt, that was lost in 2010, and defended the title of WBA continental champion. Referee Cards: 117-110, 118-109 and 117-111.



Pro Boxing Show XVI press conference promo-video


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