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To all fans of boxing, fans of Artem Dalakyan

Official statement from Union Boxing Promotion.
   Last night, June 21, on the @ESPNKnockOut microblog on Twitter posted information about the upcoming fight of Artem Dalakyan and Julio Martinez. August 15 in China.
   This is false information that does not have an official conclusion.  Indeed, our team is in preliminary negotiations with the promoters of the current champions in order to combine the titles, including with representatives of the champion Julio Martinez, but the information that was released via Latin Twitter is most likely a desire for the desired thinking, Mexican side.
   We won the WBA World Title in 2018 in the United States, defended ourselves four times in Ukraine and will do everything so that Artem won the prestige of our state as long as possible.
   The conditions in which we are all now, unfortunately, do not allow us to prepare and participate in winning titles as soon as possible, august 15 in China.
   Our opponents have a desire to speed up this process, but we always proceed from considerations of expediency, respect and protection of the interests of the boxer and the state.
   Artyom Dalakyan - defend his title and win other championship belts in the best world boxing platforms of our planet, this is our conviction. Ukrainian fans and boxing fans will be the first to know from us about the next opponent, the date and venue of the fight, Artem Dalakyan.
   We appeal to all media;  Use reliable data from official sources.

Boxing union Promotion

President - Yuri Ruban
Vice President - Dmitry Eliseev

Artem Dalakian will defend the WBA World Champion belt in Kiev

2018 04 02 


Union Boxing Promotion won an important victory outside the ring! Artem Dalakian will defend his champion belt in Kiev!!!

Undefeated Ukrainian boxer Artem Dalakian (16-0, 11 KOs) will defend his WBA champion belt in Kiev. The promotion company Union Boxing Promotion during negotiations managed to agree that the fight against the obligatory applicant for WBA world champion title in the flyweight Sirichai Thaiyen (50-3, 35 KO) will take place in the Ukrainian capital.

During last weekend was signed a contract for a fight between the current WBA world champion, Ukrainian Artem Dalakian and the official challenger, Thai Sirichai Thaiyen. The battle will take place on June 17, 2018. Uniqueness of the fight will be its holding in the open air on a helicopter landing of Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre in Kiev.

In addition to the championship match in the grandiose boxing evening from the Union Boxing Promotion company rating duels will also take place, information about which will be announced a bit later.

Artem Dalakian won the World WBA title in February 2018 in the USA, defeating the experienced American Brian Viloria.

In the nearest future, will be organized a press conference with the participation of Artem Dalakian and the representatives of Union Boxing Promotion, where it will be possible to talk with the Ukrainian champion and ask all questions about the upcoming fight.



Dalakian defeated Viloria and won the World Champion belt

Dalakian Champion


WBA European Champion Artem Dalakian (16-0, 11 KOs) defeated American Brian Viloria (38-6, 23 KOs) in Inglewood, USA and became the new WBA flyweight world champion!

Artem dictated the whole battle, Brian was constantly defending himself, occasionally hitting his opponent. In the end, all three referees gave victory to Dalakian with a score of 118-109.



Dalakian: "I am glad to enter the ring in the famous Forum arena and show the great boxing"



WBA European Champion Artem Dalakian (15-0, 11 KOs), who will compete in the ring for the world champion belt against Brian Viloria (38-5, 23 KOs) in Inglewood, USA, on the night of February 24-25. talked about the completion of preparations for the fight in the US, the rival and the arena "Forum" in the Luckypunch.net interview.

About training in the USA:
"We arrived here, the conditions are good, and we were given a good hotel. In the morning we train at the hotel, there is a gym where we can run, and in the evening we go to the boxing hall and beat the bags there. I'm already approaching weight. As for the form, I feel great."

About Brian Viloria:
"What I need, I know about him. I watched his fights, analyzed, I did not learn anything new. I don’t need it."

About the Forum arena:
"I know this arena, there used to be hockey. Then a promotional company bought it and now there is boxing. Golovkin boxed there, as well, as other top boxers. I am very glad that I will box there. I think that I will win the belt of the world champion on this arena"


Artem Dalakian: Training in Los Angeles


Artem Dalakian: preparation for the battle for the WBA World Champion title.

Team UBP

On February 24 Artem Dalakian will fight for the vacant WBA World Champion belt. His opponent will be American professional boxer Brian Viloria (38 (23) -5 (2) -0). The American already owned the world title by the WBA and WBO versions. Now he will try to regain the title of world champion.

Place of the battle for the world champion WBA title - Forum, Inglewood, California, USA.

Artem Dalakian (15 (11) -0-0) finished the final stage of preparation for the championship match for the vacant WBA World Flyweight Title, that took place at the training base of Konche-Zaspa.

With the boxer worked his coaches Andrey Sinepupov, Valery Cherenkov and Oleg Yefimovych.

Sparring partners of Artem Dalakian were South African boxer Moruti Mthalane (6 times IBF World Champion and 4-time IBO World Champion, South African champion), as well as British boxers Sunny Edwards (European champion in version WBO) and Jay Harriss (British Commonwealth champion (British Empire) Flyweight Title)




Yefimovych - Quigg

Yefimovych - Quigg


Signed a contract for the WBA World Featherweight Eliminator fight between a Ukrainian Oleg Yefimovych (Union Boxing Promotion) and the Englishman Scott Quigg (Matchroom Promotion).
The winner of this fight will receive the right to compete for the WBA World Champion title, which will be determined in the confrontation between two Mexicans - Abner Mares vs Andres Gutierrez. The battle will be held on October 14, 2017 in Mexico.


Oleg Yefimovych is a 36-year-old boxer from Ukraine, 165 cm tall. During 12 years of professional career he had 32 fights, two of which lost and one ended in a draw. In half of his fights Oleg won by knockout.
Oleg Yefimovych is 6-time European Champion according to EBU version from 2008-2010 and in 2015, multiple Champion of continental championships under WBO (3 titles) and WBA (10 titles). Out of 32 professional fights, 19 were for Champion titles.


Scott Quigg is a 28-year-old boxer from England with a height of 173 cm. During his 10-year sports career, he took part in 36 fights, 33 of which won, two fights in a draw and one lost to compatriot Carl Frampton for the unified title of WBA and IBF World Champion in weight up to 55.3 kg.
24 out of 33 victories won by knockout, he is a 6-fold WBA World Champion from 2013-2016 in Super Bantamweight (55.3 kg). The fight with Oleg Yefimovych will be 3rd in his career in a new weight category - featherweight (57.2 kg).


The fight will take place on November 4 in the Principality of Monaco in Monte-Carlo


According to the President of Union Boxing Promotion Yuri Ruban - "This will be the most significant fight in Oleg's career and our team in preparation for this fight does everything to achieve the Victory!"


We wish Oleg Yefimovych victory in this interesting and responsible match.



Artem Dalakian lead the WBA rating becoming the contender for the world champion title.

2017 05 14 Artem Dalakian 2017 450

Continental champion, boxer of the Union Boxing Promotion company Artem Dalakian (15-0, 11 KOs) after the victory over the Mexican Luis Manuel Macias on May 22 in Kiev came out on the first line of the rating of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

Such a high position in the WBA world ranking allows Dalakian to hold a battle for the flyweight World Champion title by the end of 2017. His opponent will be the Japanese, Kazuto Ioka (22-1, 13KO). Negotiations about a duel between the undefeated UBP boxer and the current world crown holder will begin in the near future.

We note that the other representatives of the UBP Company improved their positions as well.

Multiple European featherweight champion Oleg Yefimovych, who previously held the 6th place in the WBA rankings, rose to the 4th position. The victory over the Belgian Urbano Giuliani brought Yefimovych closer to the duel for the World Champion title.

Also demonstrated growth one more UBP boxer - Alexander Egorov. The recent triumph in the match against the Argentinean Lucas Rafael Baez allowed Alexander to enter the top-10 ranking and take 7th place in the second bantamweight.



Dalakian, Yefimovych and Egorov sent rivals to knockout and defended WBA Continental titles

20170403 01

On April 22 in the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena in Kiev a big boxing evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2017" took place. The promotional company «Union Boxing Promotion» organized the show. During this event, Ukrainian boxers defended three WBA Continental belts.

Alexander Egorov T.K.O.'d Lucas Rafael Baez (category 55,3) in the third round. The Argentinian could not resist the rush of the Ukrainian boxer, so Egorov successfully defended his WBA Continental belt for the second time.

A bright duel between Oleg Yefimovych and Urbano Giuliani (category 57.2). The support of the capital's public helped the experienced UBP boxer to defend the title of the continental champion for the fifth time. The Belgian was able to stand the blows of Yefimovych only until the seventh round, in which the referee stopped the duel.

In the main match of the evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2017" Ukrainian Artem Dalakian in the sixth round knocked out Luis Manuel Macias from Mexico (category 50.8 kg).
Thus, representatives of the "Union Boxing Promotion" company defended their belts, and fans received a spectacular boxing holiday.

In the rating matches, the following results have been recorded:
Eduard Skavinskyy sent Anton Kornieiev (66.7 kg) in a knockout in the first round. According to the decision of the judges Bogdan Onyshchenko defeated Bogdan Protsyshyn (69.9 kg). Petro Ivanov confidently defeated Volodymyr Romanenko (76.2 kg) and knocked out him in the second round. Similarly, the match in which Mishiko Beselia did not leave a chance to Valentyn Piven (category 66.7 kg) ended. Ihor Magurin got a victory by a decision of judges in a difficult match against Malta's representative Kerstin Brown (57.2 kg). Portuguese Rui Manuel Pavanito fought well against Igor Kudrytskiy (category 76.2 kg), but the judges unanimously gave the victory to the Ukrainian boxer.

Let us remind, that boxing evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2017" was organized by the promotional company "Union Boxing Promotion" with the assistance of the Ukranian League of professional boxing.



The boxing evening from the "Union Boxing Promotion" company

Pro Boxing Show 2017

Good news for fans of professional boxing - the promotion company "Union Boxing Promotion" opens the season in Kiev with a spectacular performance. April 22 in the capital's Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena the evening of professional boxing "PRO Boxing Show - 2017" will take place, within the framework of which three title matches are expected and a number of bright rating bouts.

The organizers prepared three title matches at once, in each of which the top fighters of the company "UBP" will defend the prestigious championship belts of the World Boxing Association - WBA Continental. The evening will be held under the auspices of the League of Professional Boxing of Ukraine.



20170403 02The second defense of the champion belt will be carried out by the representative of the promotion company "Union Boxing Promotion" - Oleksandr Yegorov (17-1-1, 8KO). In November, Oleksandr Yegorov in a fight against David Sanchez successfully defended the WBA Continental Champion belt. This time the opponent of the Ukrainian will be Argentinian Lucas Rafael Baez. 



20170403 03In addition, the audience will see the bout with the participation of the most titled fighter of the UBP company, Oleg Yefimovych (28-2-1, 15KO). To date, Oleg has a prestigious belt WBA Continental and will defend it for the fourth time in a row. Yefimovych will confront Belgium champion Urbano Giuliani. 




20170403 04Moreover, his title will defend the most perspective and technical boxer of the UBP Company Artem Dalakian (14-0, 10КО). This will be the fifth defense of the WBA Continental belt. His rival will be Mexican Luis Manuel Macias.




Rating battles will also be interesting to the audience. Ihor Mahurin, Bogdan Onyshchenko, Igor Kudrytskiy, Petro Ivanov and Mishiko Beselia will show their skills in these bouts.

Let us remind that boxing evening "Pro Boxing Show - 2017" will take place on April 22 in the Parkovy Convention & Exhibition Centre arena, 16a Parkova road, Kyiv at 6:00 p.m.


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